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The go-to good English guide from the grammar guru himself, Gyles Brandreth . . . Best thing ever, laugh-a-lot, spanning everything. Great book, Im loving this Chris Evans, BBC Radio 2Brilliant, clear, entertaining, very funny and often outright silly. Brandreth excels . . . in all his linguistic joie de vivre Guardian__________Why, like, does everyone keep saying like? Why do apostrophes keep turning up in the wrong place? Why do we get confused when using foreign phrases - and vice versa?Is it may be or maybe? Should it be past or passed? Is it referenda or referendums? FFS, whats happening to our language!?Our language is changing, literacy levels are dwindling and our grasp of grammar is at crisis point, so you wouldnt be alone in thinking WTF! But do not despair, Have You Eaten Grandma? is here: Gyles Brandreths definitive (and hilarious) guide to punctuation, spelling, and good English for the twenty-first century. Without hesitation or repetition (and just a touch of deviation) Gyles, the Just A Minute regular and self-confessed grammar guru, skewers the linguistic horrors of our time, tells us where weve been going wrong (and why), and reveals his tips and tricks to ensure that, in future, we make fewer (rather than less) mistakes. End of. (Is End of alright? Is alright all right? Youll find out right here . . . )And why not check out the Have You Eaten Grandma? podcast, starring Gyles and a host of other grammar and linguisitic lovers and experts


  • Título: Have You Eaten Grandma?
  • El autor: Gyles Brandreth
  • Editor: Michael Joseph
  • Publicado: 01.02.2019
  • Género: Literatura
  • ISBN: 9780241352656
  • Tamaño: 5.20MB
  • Idiomas: Español
  • Formato : PDF, EPUB
Gyles Brandreth - Have You Eaten Grandma?

Gyles Brandreth - Have You Eaten Grandma?

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