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There are stories here, often true or whim,sical, funny or deeply thought about. The tales range ,from war to romance, history, ,personal events and things we all thoink and feel about. Time lines of the stories run from 36 Ad to current day, through Europe, Middle East, and Australia. Something here that anyone and everyone will relate to.Russell Frank Atkinson is the author of several books and articles on naturopathy and the philsosophy of the East. Russell ,has a long and motlery past, many vocations, lots of amazing experiences here and in India,and a wry imagination and humour. Probably the most intelligent man i have ever met in the real sense of that.Dr Ted Todd_,


  • Título: Where The Heart Is
  • El autor: Russell Frank Atkinson
  • Publicado: 24.01.2019
  • Género: Literatura
  • ISBN: 9780994591968
  • Tamaño: 1.50MB
  • Idiomas: Español
  • Formato : PDF, EPUB
Russell Frank Atkinson - Where The Heart Is

Russell Frank Atkinson - Where The Heart Is

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